Opensim FestTerms of Service

The Opensim Fest grid's goal is to have a safe, respectful virtual environment for our exhibitors, performers, volunteers and visitors. By logging in, or teleporting in via hypergrid, you agree to abide by our rules.

We Promise

To protect your privacy as much as legally possible. (In other words, in all cases except a legal subpoena.) We will use your personal contact information only for communication purposes that you have previously agreed to. If we need to look at your personal data for any other reason, such as support, we will ask your permission first.

To respect intellectual property by promptly taking down infringing content, and by asking for permission before using users' content in marketing and promotional materials or in any other way. More details can be found on the DMCA policy page with instructions on how to make a DMCA Take Down Request. 

That content created for the Opensim Fest 2019 event will not be retained or transferred to any other entity, unless done so by the copyright holder, before, during or after the event -- all copyrights remain in force and the property of the legal copyright holders.

You will be allowed to export any objects you own or created from the Opensim Fest region and/or your Opensim Fest local account inventory by the 20th April (2019). All data relating to the grid, the build and website accounts will be deleted on Saturday 20th April (2019). Only the website will remain online as it will be used again the next year (2020) and any subsequent years if Opensim Fest continues to be a yearly festival.

You Promise

To not harass other users, or personally attack them based on race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or other affiliation.

To respect the intellectual property rights of others by uploading only appropriately licensed content, and by exporting only content that you yourself have created or have permission to export.

To respect maturity ratings by rezzing only appropriate content and engaging in appropriate behaviors.

To respect  the privacy of fellow users.

You Agree

That when you upload your content to our grid, or create new content on our platform, that we have your permission to distribute that content to other users per your specifications. This allows you to have other users see your content, and enables you to give to visitors for free or transfer your content in-world.

That we also have the right to showcase your content in visual form in directories and destination guides like Opensimworld for example.

That any in-world currency is fictional, to be used for entertainment purposes only.

That there might be outages, or content losses, or other disruptions, and that we're not liable for any damages that may result.

That the only exportable content is content that you yourself have created or content that is marked with the "export" permission. If the "export" permission is not yet enabled, exportable content is full-perm content.