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Twenty Five: Tilt Brush Doodles
Experimental imports doodles from Tilt Brush, made in virtual reality.
Creativity reborn like a phoenix with this new toy!
Twenty Five: Tilt Brush DoodlesCherry Manga
Twenty Eight & Nine: Inworld Sound Effects
An overview of methods for enhancing builds and environments with sound effects. Free full perms sound effects scripts and sample sound effects will be provided. The class and discussion will be conducted using text lead by Lorin Tone on plot 29.
Twenty Eight & Nine: Inworld Sound EffectsLorin Tone
Thirty Two: Gatsby
Exhibit description
Thirty Two: GatsbyJeff Edwards
Thirty Six: Modee Parlez
Thirty Six: Modee ParlezModee Parlez
Twenty Six: Roller Coaster
Come join the Eye Robot escapee for a ride in roller coaster and enjoy looking around from a different perspective! Have fun!
Twenty Six: Roller CoasterJeff Hall
Thirty: OSF Box Car
OSF Box Car is a step back in time to a vintage freight car that's been abandoned and turned into a dwelling of sorts for maybe an urban nomad or a retired free spirited traveler. The box car lives out under the stars, in the open air, surrounded by forest. Its a quiet place apart from the world to reflect on our place in the world.
Thirty: OSF Box CarJamie Wright
Thirty Three: Blender Basics Class with Snik
This exhibit is a promotion of the Blender classes being held by Snik Snoodle over on the Sniky Grid (presenting the Snik Class but the exhibit is built by Leighton Marjoram). In applying my learning so far and my growing confidence with low poly modelling and texturing I decided to create an exhibit where the models are made entirely by me, in Blender. The only thing I did not make is the hand painted textures. "Full details about the class at the exhibit. See you in class.

Blog post about the classes and a list of resources
Thirty Three: Blender Basics Class with SnikLeighton Marjoram
Thirty Seven: Modee Parlez
Exhibit description
Thirty Seven: Modee ParlezModee Parlez
Twenty Seven: EYE, Robot
A world where robots and humans coexist and boundaries are blurred. Go through the 'Process'. Interact with the Robots as their equal? Who is the master and who is the slave? Who is the teacher and who is the pupil. Who is the creator and who is the created? Turn on sounds and sit on whatever you can. Enjoy.
Twenty Seven: EYE, RobotCaro Fayray
Thirty one: Tsuki Mura Japanese Village
Tsuki Mura Village is a reproduction of an imaginary Edo Period fishing village. The Edo period of Japan lasted from 1603 to 1856. During this period, Japan was isolated from the rest of the world and a feudal system of government was overseen by the Shogun and samurai.

There is a self-guided tour with a detailed map available. Following that guide you will come across information boxes. Click on them to learn what its about! Along the way, information boxes give notecards with descriptions of the features of the village.

Where is Tsuki Mura Village? discoverygrid.net:8002:Celestial Japan
Thirty one: Tsuki Mura Japanese VillageJillian Quintessa
Thirty four: Chakra Awareness in OpenSim
I have been in virtual worlds for over a dozen years now, but only in OpenSim about the past 6 of those. I find OpenSim to be the best home I have known. I am a builder, designer, Artist, DJ, Writer, Editor and Chakra Awareness Instructor. You can find me on OS Grid or floating around the many grids on my journey through OpenSim. I am delighted to be such a big part of OpenSim Fest.
Thirty four: Chakra Awareness in OpenSimCataplexia Numbers
Thirty Eight: Online and Virtual Bullying Prevention
i am a fighter of PTSD, anxiety and panic disorder. It is a place to show the different disorders, mental illnesses and the symptoms. Upstairs there is information about cyber bulling, what to look for and to stop it. I am a survivor.
Thirty Eight: Online and Virtual Bullying PreventionHipster Flower
Thirty Nine: Relay For Life of the Metaverse
The American Cancer Society's mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. Smile, have fun, and do awesome things. Our build represents the true champions in life. We celebrate the survivors and caregivers from cancer. Our people are cheering outwards to represent the goals and gains reached by everyone. Come join our group as we continue our Relay For Life of the Metaverse.
Thirty Nine: Relay For Life of the MetaverseOldeSoul Eldemar
Forty Three: Vbinnia Radek Industries
Main interest is constantly learning how to use Blender to make or adapt mesh content for Opensim. With an emphasis on Steampunk and Scifi. Anything I make that may be useful is available free and full perm from my region Steam on Osgrid.

Forty Three: Vbinnia Radek IndustriesVbinnia Radek
Fourty: The Open Source Metaverse
OSgrid is not only the test platform for Opensimulator. It has a diverse array of people around the globe coming together to form a community. People join for many reasons including education, explansion of the arts, to free themselves from the linitiations of the real world and to meet new people. Come join us today and explore OSgrid.

OSgrid website
Fourty: The Open Source MetaverseGroup Build OSGrid
Forty Two: OpenSimulator Info
Basic information about the OpenSimulator Project, and a place for geeks the chill and chat
Forty Two: OpenSimulator InfoBill Blight