Exhibitors Plots 1-24

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One: Metaworld Broadcasting
Plot 1 text
One: Metaworld BroadcastingMal Burns
Four: Play with Fractals
Playing with fractal geometry, generate 3d structures, complex shapes from simple codes.
Enjoy walking, among them, have fun.
Four: Play with FractalsVictoria Logan
Seven: The Beginning
Netera Landar will present a writer's workshop that defines what you need to seriously think about before writing a book. Focusing from the beginning of your manuscript's foundation will help guide you to your destination: the end.
Seven: The BeginningNetera Landar
Ten: Out and Proud HG Traveller
This exhibit is a combination of two of the projects that I use Opensimulator for the first is the Out and Proud grid the second is called HG Traveller. Out and Proud is where I learn about Opensimulator and hold events occasionally and is my home on the metaverse. HG Traveller is a travel style blog where I highlight the people, places and events of Opensimulator. HG Traveller has a website and a grid that is open to the hypergrid.

Out and Proud website
HG Traveller website
Ten: Out and Proud HG TravellerLeighton Marjoram
Two: RezMela
Re-imagining virtual worlds for a better blending of social and productivity applications.

The build showcases RezMela's unique way in which people can create and customize their own scenes in virtual worlds within minutes and with no need to code or use complex editing tools. We are experts in easy-to-use, intuitive applications for virtual worlds. Our modular approach enables anyone to make their own virtual-world applications.
Two: RezMela Anabel Origin
Five: Paradigm Education & Support Services
Our recently established grid is a collaboration of several projects commencing with:
PARADIGM EDUCATION ~ Tuition at senior high school level, i.e. Astronomy, biology, chemistry, electronics & physics. How is this being presented in virtual worlds? An innovative, easy to learn, 3D environment which we believe will change the teaching / learning of these subjects, particularly for those with special needs. Much more to come as well.

ALPHA CENTAURI ~ VIRTUAL PROGRAM FOR SENIORS - this program introduces seniors to virtual worlds. We believe that a stimulated mind will contribute to the health and well being of seniors and those with special needs.
Five: Paradigm Education & Support ServicesAurum Paradigm
Eight: The Multi-Verse Writers Gallery
This Gallery, designed by Dr Kaylee West is the beginning of a new across Open Grid writing group. It exhibits the work of its Director, Dr Chris Mooney-Singh: who holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Australia and has published several. Go to Level 2 to watch some of Singh’s video poems. On Level 3 try your hand writing poetry and fiction using online tools and leave your writing on the post-it board.

Those who wish to join can also sign up for free at Google Classrooms: (Class code: rm5mtn) or contact Singh at mooney-singh@gmail.com. Future grid writing excursions will be held in various OS locations for site-specific writing.
Eight: The Multi-Verse Writers GalleryChris Mooney-Singh & Kaylee West
Eleven: Alice in Wonderland
Do you remember Alice in Wonderland? Come enjoy our exhibit and see all the characters at the Mad Hatters Tea Party. How about playing some games? Always wanted to shoot the Queen of Hearts, you can with the Queen Shoot Game. Try the race game on the top floor too and see who is the fastest. Lots of fun at Opensim Fest 2019!
Eleven: Alice in WonderlandTamara Redenblack
Three: HG Hoppers/Biennale 2020

Art.Blue website
Three: HG Hoppers/Biennale 2020Art Blue
Six: Fractal Art Gallery
The exhibit represents a small sample of my original fractal and 3D art, created over many years. I use Fractal Explorer and Ultra Fractal software.

My galleries are located on the DigiWorldz Grid.
Six: Fractal Art GallerySpiral Silverstar
Nine: Social Mouse
Nine: Social MouseEmpty
Twelve: Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising is a celebration of "starting over" in particle form. You can sit back and watch the randomly selected patterns change every 8s, or you can take control with the "Effects Buttons" HUD rezzed out on the parcel.

Try each of the 14 particle patterns slowly, or click the buttons faster for interesting effects. Originally designed for a Golden Touch Theater dance on the Utopia Skye Grid (USG).
Twelve: Phoenix RisingLexx Moore
Thirteen: DINKIFY!
Dinkie avatars are full mesh, bento-enabled, adorable small cats created by Etheria Parrott. Originally introduced in SL, they are now available for OpenSim. Purchase is available only on Utopia Skye Grid, yet they are exportable to any grid to wear. This exhibit portrays the abilities of Dinkies using virtual human animations in many activities. Dinky clothing creator kits are also available in the Dinkies main store. Lets DINKIFY OpenSim!
Thirteen: DINKIFY!Tadhg Muirin
Sixteen: Smee Ismee
Exhibit description
Sixteen: Smee IsmeeSmee Ismee
Nineteen: Interactive Art Installation
I do have some interactive art installations I have not dusted the pixels off in a long time, and they require less space. Meditation balls you sit on, anti-gravity "hot tubs" you tread water in at different angles, an Escher structure with stairs that you walk on at different angles
Nineteen: Interactive Art InstallationKayaker Magic
Twenty Two: Tangle Grid
The TanGLe information center is geared to sharing our love of building and creating beautiful regions for people to enjoy. You will find landmark givers below each picture so you can TP there to look at the regions. Also you will find a section of all the free rental TanGLe has to offer residents and HG Travelers. We offer free shops, homes and plots. You can also find information about TanGLe Expos 6 times a year with different themes.

TanGLe Grid Website
Twenty Two: Tangle GridLeslie Kling
Fourteen: Refresh Body & Mind
True beauty and art is within us all. Look into your deepest thoughts and feelings, be kind to yourself, be kind to others and allow yourself to be at peace with the real you. An exhibit built with love from Absolute Mad Bratz creators Sheku Thor and Tamara Redenblack on the Utopia Skye Grid.
Fourteen: Refresh Body & MindSheku Thor
Seventeen: VR Objects
Photography in Opensim. A exhibition by Anna Lorentzson. Objects created in a VR software where you use your hands to shape 3D objects. Then photographed in the studio on 2worlds2go grid.

"I have made exhibitions in RL (real life) and a few in Second Life and it is time to do work in Opensim. Today the work in VR takes most of my time so it is nice to invited to Opensim Fest" Anna.
Seventeen: VR ObjectsCyberserenity Vella
Twenty: Guggenheim Museum Mesh-Replica, Bilbao
As a great fan of architecture I travelled various times to see the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and was absolutely thrilled. As a likewise fan of Blender I came up with the crazy idea to build a replica of this wonderful work of the US-American architect Frank O Gehry. I am still working on it and labour on it - torn between love and hate! But It will be finished.
Twenty: Guggenheim Museum Mesh-Replica, BilbaoTosha Tyran
Twenty three: Renaissance Architecture
Luna Lunaria is a talented builder and creator based on the OpenSim Life grid, her creation for the fest is a fine example of her work.

In our own words "For Opensim Fest I have created a Renaissance venue that can be used by any Fest performers or get a set of skates from SingerGirls' plot next door and enjoy the build (enable advanced lighting to see the materials on the build)."
Twenty three: Renaissance ArchitectureLuna Lunaria
Fifteen: Jumping into Steampunk
In daily life, Taarna Welles (Dutch) works for the government. In her spare time, she likes to create digital art that mainly be seen in Opensim. Often she shows a mix between Steampunk and different time-lines such as modern and medieval period. In this exhibition, you will see a few of her artworks. She has self taught herself the tools to create digital art objects.
Fifteen: Jumping into SteampunkTaarna Welles
Eighteen: Model Trains
On my plot I am exposing a few train models which I use to combine different techniques. I design them in 3D software (Fusion360), to be able to print them with a 3D printer. But I also upload them as mesh models in OpenSim to show them in scenery and let them run. On the Fest 2019 you see a few examples of this work.
Eighteen: Model TrainsLinda Lightfoot
Twenty one:
Exhibit description
Twenty one: Carious Lordhunter
Twenty four: Inspiration Island
Inspiration Island on OpenSim.life is a community that believes in dreams and supports the arts. We embrace both new and old technology as we pixel punch our way into a three dimensional digital future. Join us. New ideas always welcome. Live Music and Events every Friday starting at 6pm.

Inspiration Island Website
Twenty four: Inspiration IslandEvie Marie (SingerGirl Mode)