Still time to take part in Opensim Fest 2019

With about 5-6 weeks to go till the Opensim Fest me, Cataplexia and Bill were invited to talk to Mal Burns on the Metaworld News show. The full video is below but I wanted to take this oppurtunity to draw out some of the information contained in the interview. 

  1.  If you would like to take part but have some questions we have some good news for you, for the next two consecutive Tuesdays (22nd and 29th) we will hold a drop in for 1 1/2 hours at the following times 1pm PST/9pm GMT and 6pm PST/2am GMT 
  2. On Saturday 26th January at 3pm PST (Grid Time) we will be holding a load test for the Fest region (use this address to get to the region
  3. On Wednesday 23rd January we wil be holding a exhibitor get together, a change to touch base with the exhibitors and answer any questions
  4. We have created a promotional board with a poster, landmark, website link and notecard (copies will be left on grid sandboxes and if you want a copy let me know and I can drop one off for you. I need your grid address and name so I can search for you)

The numbers so far

We have already had an incredible response to take part and we are very pleased and thank everyone already involved but there are still spaces for you to take part. You can see the full list of exhibitors and performers that have already booked for the Opensim Fest by visiting the contributors page here.
  • Performers: [Booked 16; Remaining 8]
  • Spoken word/Q & A: [2 booked]
  • Exhibitors: [Booked 28; Remaining 17]
  • Volunteers we are looking for volunteers, full instructions will be provided to the volunteers 2 weeks before the event and they are asked to register for local grid accounts.
If you would like to take part use the contact details below the video and send us a message and we will get you setup. Thank you Mal for having us on the show to talk about the Opensim Fest very much appreciated. We cannot pull this together with out the Opensimulator community 25 hours of music, 45 exhibitors, 1 community.

How you can be part of the Opensim Fest?

  • Creative Builders & Artists - there are build / Display areas waiting to be filled with unique creations! Please speak to Leighton Marjoram at or Bill Blight at to reserve yours and receive guidelines information.
  • Live Performers, Live DJs - Performing Artists (Live Musicians, DJs) Please contact Cataplexia Numbers at
  • Technical speakers and Q & A sessions - are you an opensim scripter, programmer or tinkerer of bytes then we would like to hear from you at the festival. Contact Bill Blight by email
  • Spoken Word Storytellers & Poets - Poets & Storytellers contact Leighton Marjoram at or Cataplexia Numbers at

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